What Is Speechcraft

Speechcraft is a short course teaching public speaking skills which will help to build self-confidence.
Get comfortable in talking in front of a group, master your nerves in a fun, friendly and supportive, positive non-threatening environment.

What’s it all about and what are the benefits?

  • Designed to develop public speaking skills
  • Friendly, positive non-threatening environment
  • Fellow students will be there for similar reasons as you
  • Fellow students will be feeling the same emotions as you develop at your own pace
  • Receive immediate positive and helpful feedback
  • Most assisting Toastmasters are also Speechcraft graduates
  • Develop your own individual style
  • Gain a huge boost to your self confidence

Speechcraft Course Information

Registration details for the very popular Menai District Toastmasters Speechcraft course will be published soon.

When is the next Speechcraft Course?

Details of the next Menai District Toastmasters Speechcraft course which will run for 7 weeks (Thursday evenings) are coming soon.